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Dr. Sadie Gregerson to Become New Archaeology Professor

by Alicia Dorsett

This article was featured in our 2020 April Fools’ Day issue, The Outsider.
This article is not real, and it was created solely to entertain.

Dr. Sadie Gregerson will join Pitt-Greensburg’s faculty starting Fall 2020. This appointment follows news that Dr. Gregory Bondar, a current professor of anthropology and archaeology at Pitt-Greensburg, and his wife, Dr. Elisa Beshero-Bondar, professor of English Literature and Digital Humanities, are leaving after this semester.

Dr. Sadie Gregerson recently relocated to the Greensburg area with her adoptive father, Dr. Robert Gregerson, president of Pitt-Greensburg.

Dr. Sadie Gregerson completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Woofster in Ohio in 2010. She completed her graduate studies at the University of California Barkley in 2012. She then returned to complete her doctorate at the Ohio State University and graduated in 2016.

“I am thrilled to be filling the position,” Dr. Sadie Gregerson said. “I have been teaching since graduate school, but I have taken hiatuses from teaching to pursue fieldwork over the years.”

Gregerson has big plans for the department and hopes she will receive the necessary approval to bring a field program to the curriculum.

“I love digging for bones,” she said. “Big or small, wide or thin, they’re all wonderful!”

She is also a big admirer of our campus.

“Pitt-Greensburg is beautiful, and I have a great view of campus from my office in Pawers Hall,” she said. “There is lots of grass and large fields, which will be perfect for teaching the students methods of excavation.”

Dr. Sadie Gregerson looking absolutely paw-fect! Photo via President Gregerson’s Twitter

There are 34 classes listed under the anthropology major. Not all of them are always taught and most are often rotated through each semester. Dr. Sadie Gregerson hopes to change up the rotation as well as bring back some of the more forgotten courses.

“Frequently rotating courses will allow us to provide the students with a well-balanced education, and also give them the opportunity to find their own niche,” she said. “It’s how I discovered my passion for fieldwork.”

She plans to continue with her professional research after joining the faculty.

“I love digging. Any spare time I have is dedicated to working outside,” she said. “There is something so thrilling about searching for bones that I can’t get enough of.”

If you see Dr. Sadie Gregerson wandering around campus digging for bones, she asks you to please mind your business.

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  1. University of California Barkley! Love this. So much.


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