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New Science Building to be Built Behind Smith Hall

by Miranda Smith

Planning for the new Life Science Building is underway. 

Dr. Gregerson and the Facilities department plan to break ground on the project sometime in the winter of next year. The goal then is to move into the building in the Spring of 2022.  

The planning and preparation process take a year to complete before the construction can begin.  

Dr. Gregerson, the President of Pitt Greensburg, said: “the ideal is to move equipment in, get the furniture in the building, and get offices established between December [2021] and January [2022].” 

The project includes a new building somewhere adjacent to Smith Hall along with a renovation of the existing science building. Currently, five plans exist for the possible layout of the new building. It will be located in the grassy area between Smith Hall and Westmoreland Hall. The Life Science Building will be connected to Smith Hall for easier access.  

The two buildings are planned to be connected by another two-story building currently being called the atrium.  

“The idea is that [the atrium] will be sort of a big window,” Dr. Gregerson said. 

The atrium will be constructed mostly out of glass to ensure that light is still getting into the back classrooms of Smith Hall. There will be areas for students to relax, study, and hold organizational meetings.  

In the past, rumors of a new science building have spread around campus.  

Dr. Gregerson said: “the money is in the bank this time. The new construction is going to happen, absolutely.” 

The constructions of the new building costs about $17 million. Pitt-Greensburg has received funds from Oakland to cover this cost. The renovation of Smith Hall costs around $10 million. Pitt Greensburg is still working to make sure they have the money for the renovation.  

The Life Science Building and atrium are expected to benefit all students.  

“Regardless of whether you’re a Communication, Biochemistry, or Nursing major, you’re going to be working and learning in that state-of-the-art facility,” Dr. Gregerson said.  

Once the planning phase is complete, more decisions will be made regarding the amount of staff needed to complete the final product.  

Dr. Gregerson said: “It can never happen fast enough. Good things come to those who wait, and this will be a very good thing.” 

In addition to the Life Science Building, Dr. Gregerson plans to build a new residence hall and upgrade some facilities for athletics. Such upgrades include adding stands and a clubhouse with bathrooms to the baseball field as well as replacing the grass on the soccer fields with artificial turf. 

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