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Locally Listed: Top Five Places to Get Coursework and Studying Done Off-Campus

by Kaylee Stinebiser

We’re over halfway through February now, and cabin fever is at an all-time high for some of us.  

I can’t wait for the days when I can open my car door and not have a gust of cold air knock the breath out of me. 

Most days it’s still too cold to hang out outside for any length of time, but that doesn’t mean we have to be confined to our dorms, apartments, and houses until the snow melts away. 

We all have class work to get done, so why not head out to Greensburg for study sessions?  

Here’s my list of the top five places to go for a peaceful workplace and a chance of scenery, too. 

Photo via @whiterabbitgreensburg

1) Barnes and Noble 

I love bookstores too much for my own good, but Barnes and Noble is a great place to settle in for an afternoon with your laptop, textbooks, and notecards.  

You’ll be surrounded by people who are either there to also get some work done or to read a good book, so it’s a calm environment that’ll let you concentrate. 

2) White Rabbit Cafe 

Coffee shops are usually full of people tapping away at laptops or smartphones, too, but they can be a little louder than a bookstore.  

But the White Rabbit is still a comfortable coffee shop to visit when you need to finish up some assignments with some help from a fancy coffee drink—or an old-fashioned cup of black coffee, too. 

3) Panera Bread 

I have this image in my head of Panera Bread as the official sponsor of corporate office meetings; maybe that’s just because management in my office is always leaving extra Panera bagels and cream cheese in the break room for everyone to eat. 

Either way, Panera Bread is a friendly environment for study groups and group-assignment meetings. 

And also: the bagels. 

4) Westmoreland Museum of American Art

The top floor at the Westmoreland Museum has been recently repurposed to turn it into a study room that’s available for public use during museum hours.  

It’s a quiet, clean, studious place to get some work done with a low chance of being interrupted. 

5) Dv8 

This little shop is a combination of a coffee shop and an art exhibit. 

It’s a comfortable place to pick a table and spread out all of your textbooks and study materials, but there are definitely more potential distractions here than the other places; there’s just more going on. 

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