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Let’s Head to the Theater: Movie Recommendation — “The Rise of Skywalker”

by Kyle Harper

The Rise of Skywalker 

Genre: Science Fiction 

(2 hours, 22 minutes) 


Disney bombarded the media with the ninth edition in the Skywalker saga of the “Star Wars” movies: “The Rise of Skywalker.” 

Disney released the movie over the Christmas season, and it has gotten mixed reviews from both die-hard “Star Wars” fans and new viewers of the space epic.  

Currently, Rotten Tomatoes ranked it at a 52% among critics and an 86% among audience members.  

There seems to be a divide among fans that this is either one of the greatest “Star Wars” movies of all time or one of the worst.  

While the film has some awesome action sequences and an amazing score from John Williams, there are definitely some inconsistencies within the movie.  

The plot completely erases anything the previous movie, “The Last Jedi,” tried to establish.  

As the title suggests, Emperor Palpatine returns out of virtually thin air. There is no build up to his reappearance in any of the previous films of the recent trilogy.  

In addition, many of the main characters are sidelined to add a false sense of depth to the already- confusing plot line.  

If you are looking for a fun action flick with cool music and Marvel-esque one liners, then this movie might be up your alley.  

But, if you are super into “Star Wars” lore and are expecting a movie along those lines, you should see it anyway. Just be ready to complain about some of the lackluster parts. 

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