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Locally Listed: Top Three Places to See Holiday Lights

by Kaylee Stinebiser

Going to see fancy holiday-light displays always helps put me in the Christmas spirit.  

Well, okay, I guess I should say “holiday-light displays” … and playing the Pentatonix Christmas albums on repeat anytime I get in my car. But it’s mostly holiday-light displays. 

Believe it or not, guys, this semester is almost over, which means we’re getting closer to realizing that we haven’t been celebrating the holiday season at all because we’re all too busy studying and writing papers and crying in Millstein. 

My ideal pre-Christmas moment is watching sparkly lights twinkle, feeling my hot chocolate warming my hands through my gloves, and letting the snow melt in my hair. I want to give all of you the opportunity to have that experience, too, so I put together my list of the top-three places to see holiday lights this season. 

It’s also important to note that these light displays don’t just celebrate Christmas; there are also completely secular things to do at each of these places. 

     1. Overly’s Country Christmas—Greensburg 

I’m a bit partial to Overly’s because it’s so close to home, and I’ve been going here almost every year for as long as I could walk. 

I love that Overly’s is a two-in-one: you can stay warm in your car as you drive around to see the lights, but you can also walk into the little town for snacks, shopping, and more lights once you’ve gone through the path. 

Overly’s is local, it has tons of cute photo opportunities, and it almost always puts out a coupon in the Tribune Review and in some other local holiday catalogues. This extremely adorable holiday-light setup will definitely make you excited for the holidays again. 

     2. Winter Flower & Light Show at Phipps Conservatory—Pittsburgh 

Phipps Conservatory is a beautiful place to visit any time of year, and holiday lights just make it better. 

You get to see tons of winter flowers that you obviously can’t see in the spring or summer, plus twinkling lights that line the pathways. My favorite feature is the Floating Forest. 

     3. Kennywood Holiday Lights—West Mifflin 

The lights that make Kennywood’s amusement rides beautiful at night are enhanced with holiday decorations for some weekends in November and December. You’ll get all the fun of Kennywood, plus beautiful light shows and holiday performances. 

Kennywood also claims to have the tallest Christmas tree in Pennsylvania, so why not go and see for yourself? 

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