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Listen Your Heart Out: “Lights Up” by Harry Styles

by Miranda Smith

I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting for this moment for two years too long.  

Harry Styles released a single titled “Lights Up” on Oct. 11, and let me just be the first to say that it is fantastic and definitely worth a listen.  

The song is about coming out of the darkness and showing people who you truly are, hence the title “Lights Up.” It’s fitting that he released it on National Coming Out Day, isn’t it? 

The song incorporates a mixture of slow and upbeat rhythms that appeal to the ear. Harry’s velvety-smooth voice makes the piece into something that is uniquely his own. When you hear this music, you know who is singing.   

“Lights Up” is a perfect song to listen to when you’re in a sort of chill mood. The vocals take you on a wave of notes that you can get lost in.  

He gives us some of that Harry Styles rasp in a few parts of the song. And, of course, I melted into a puddle on the floor when I first heard them.   

With a single now out in the universe, it is expected that Styles will be releasing an album in the near future. If the rest of the songs are anything like “Lights Up,” I think it will be extremely successful.  

Then again, it’s Harry Styles. Anything he does will be successful. 

Hopefully, we’ll have this album sooner rather than later. Personally, and I’m sure most of you will agree, I can’t wait another second. 

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