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A Small Goat Thing: Goats Cut Grass on Pitt-Greensburg Campus 

by Matthew Tyler Boyer 

On Sept. 25, the workers of Allegheny GoatScape, a non-profit organization from Waterfront, brought a herd of goats to clear out unwanted vegetation on Pitt-Greensburg’s campus.

The main vegetation in need of landscaping is the hill near the Academic Villages and can be seen with an electric fence guarding the herd.

“I’m pro-goat all the way,” said student Rowan Alexander. “Everyone was excited to get the emails about the goats. I’ve seen people fawning over them.”

Allegheny GoatScape’s goal as stated on their website is to help remove unwanted shrubbery from rough terrain with the eco-friendly goats. Goats, unlike gas-powered machines, do not cause any harm to the environment.

Students from the Pitt-Greensburg have been posting memes on Twitter, and many have been seen taking the long way back to their rooms to watch the goats eat the unwanted grassy mess away. It’s safe to say that the students are excited about the arrival of the schools new furry, lawn mowing mascots.

The goats will be on the campus as long as it takes to finish the landscaping project, and then they’ll move on to the next project in another location.

It is hard to say what will take place on the hill once the goats have cleared out all of the brush.

But as the people of Allegheny GoatScape say on their website, the land will be ripe for restoration. And if nothing comes from this little goat adventure, at least the students and faculty here at Pitt-Greensburg had a chance to hang out with some goats for the fall semester.

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