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“Young Frankenstein” at Pitt-Greensburg

by Chelle Jackson

Young Frankenstein will be performed at Pitt-Greensburg from April 4-7.

The musical, directed by Brandon Farneth, will star Cameron Collins, a junior Secondary Education major, as Frederick Frankenstein, the grandson of Victor Frankenstein, the original maker of monsters. But this time, it’s pronounced Fronk-en-steen.

Makayla Suska, Young Frankenstein’s Stage Manager and a sophomore VAPA major, said, “It’s a really funny show. The entire thing is a sex joke, which I think is hysterical. The choreography is simple but extravagant at the same time.”

Nicole Hill, a senior VAPA major, is choreographing the show.

“I’m excited because I get to choreograph the whole musical and work with amazing students,” Nicole said, “they’re really easy to teach, they catch on quickly.”

The show also features Courtney Cambal, a junior Secondary Education major, who plays Elizabeth Benning, Frederick’s madcap fiancée. Alyssia Williams will play Inga. Austin Grau is featured in the role of Igor, Frederick Frankenstein’s hysterical assistant.

In case you were looking for a loveable villain, Joe Fitz, a sophomore VAPA major, plays Inspector Kemp.

“He’s the funny bad guy. He’s just watching out for his village, living his life, doing his job,” Joe said, “I’m going to have way too much fun doing the role because of my wooden limbs.”

Emily Buckel, a junior Writing major, is playing the role of Ziggy.

“I get to be an idiot. I get to be goofy,” Emily said. “Also, I’m basically Joe Fitz’s shadow which is a dream, but not creepy.”

Brandon Farneth, a senior VAPA major and the director of Young Frankenstein, will also play the Monster.

Kerigan Fabery described her character, Frau Blucher, as “she’s something that I’ve never played before. She’s very different than I am.”

Kerigan is a senior Secondary Education major with a minor in theater.

“I think it’s a really fun show,” she said, “I think it’s something that most students haven’t seen but they’re all really going to like because it’s so funny.”

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