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Government Shutdown due to Wall Continues

by Voshon Kendrick

As this edition of the paper was going to print, the government shutdown discussed in this article was ended. On Friday, Jan. 25, President Trump signed a resolution that will reopen the government until Feb. 15. No solution regarding the wall was reached, which gives Congress three weeks to come up with a solution. At this time, federal government agencies are reopening.

If you have been on earth at all within the past three years, then you have probably heard something about the United States’ southern border, or its lack thereof.

The wall, proposed by the Trump administration, is intended to prevent anyone from entering the U.S. illegally.

Congress has had trouble coming to a consensus on what to do to secure the southern border.

At the surface, the issue is mainly that the Democratic party is against funding this large-scale project. The wall has a projected expense ranging from the low extreme of eight billion to the upper of 67 billion.

Currently, according to CNBC, President Trump is demanding Congress pass a bill to use 5.7 billion dollars to begin building the wall.  

The Trump administration has steadfastly held to its early campaign promises of an uninterrupted wall on our southern border. President Trump stated during his campaign in 2016, “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border and I’ll have Mexico pay for that wall.”

In contrast, Mexico’s President, Enrique Pena Nieto, has stated many times that Mexico will not be paying for any walls. Attempts thus far have been inconclusive for Trump’s administration.

However, according to an article published by the Washington Post, Congress has pledged nearly two billion dollars to update “border fencing.” But even this is miniscule in comparison to the originally envisioned impenetrable wall.

Additionally, at the southern border, the treatment of illegal immigrants has become a large concern across the U.S, with hundreds upon hundreds of accounts of children being separated and kept from their parents for long periods of time, reports of bad living quarters, and overcrowding.

Many solutions have been proposed in place of the wall, like upping man power, equipping the border with newer surveillance technology, etc. But nothing has been solidified.

As pressures rise for Congress to break through this impasse, many have begged the question of whether or not this wall is worth it. Celebrities like Cardi B, George Clooney, Kristen Bell, and more have all taken to social media to express their opinions on this hot button issue.

Frustration has risen substantially since the partial shutdown of the government that happened on Saturday, Dec. 22nd. Many people currently employed by agencies of the government are working without pay.

It has been over 30 days and counting since the government shutdown, making it officially the longest shutdown in American history. With all this uncertainty floating around in the nation currently one thing is for certain – this wall is dividing the nation.

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