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Stream Your Heart Out: “Florida Georgia Line”

by Javon Trout

Florida Georgia Line released their new album “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country” in March. Aside from a couple singles in between. This nineteen-track album is their newest release since their “Dig Your Roots” album which released in 2016. The group formed in Nashville, Tennessee, Florida Georgia Line is a duo that consist of vocalists Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley. Tyler and Brian are influenced by their wives Brittany and Hayley. The two wives respectively have influenced their songs, especially the tunes from their current album. Each song is packed with love that comes from the hearts of Tyler and Brian. “Simple” takes me into my own little world when I listen to it. It makes me feel that nothing really matters at that time and just makes you relaxed and happy. The first time I listened to “Simple,” I felt like it was directed right at me. it also reminded me to just make everything simple and keep life easy. This is one of those songs that you can blast and feel amazing with the wind blowing through your hair. “Talk You Out of It” makes me think of that special someone that you have your heart with. This song shows how much these two loves their wives and how much they mean to one another. This song has so much meaning to it about how special their wives are to them and how special they make them feel towards one another. Most of the nineteen songs on this album talk about how special the two wives mean to Tyler and Brian. This album gets a lot of mixed reviews I like what I have listened to on it I don’t see why it would have such poor reviews when “Simple”, and “Talk You Out of It” has made number one a lot on the country playlists. So I would rate it at a solid 8/10 in my eyes very good music and lyrics.

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