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Is Cardi B Cancelled?

by Courtney Gaffey

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On Mar. 26, Cardi B reacted to the ongoing controversy that has arisen due to a three-year-old video having resurfaced. The video shows the rapper, known for her stripper past, discussing how clients would offer to take her back to their hotel. She goes on to say how she’d robbed and drug men during her time stripping. With hashtags like #SurvivingCardiB, referencing Lifetime’s recent R. Kelly documentary, “Surviving R. Kelly.” Cardi states in her rebuttal that, while she doesn’t plead nonguilty, she feels justified given her situation.

“I did what I had to do to survive,” she said.

And, while it’s true that she’s not entirely justified in her actions in the eyes of many, she did go on to note that the people she was referring to were “conscious, willing, and aware,” along with having been previously romantically involved with the rapper. Furthermore, she went on to say that she’s not proud of all of her prior actions, but she’s more than willing to own up to them and, in turn, grow from them.

And, as previously noted, her growth to stardom had some shaky beginnings. Fellow rapper Rick Ross, having told the public to “leave Cardi B alone because we don’t need to persecute her for her past.” Ross, having been publicly criticized for his lyrics in a song nearly a decade ago because they alluded to date rape, knows how it feels to be scrutinized.

So, given that in a world that’s so quick to cancel someone, what is one to think given this situation? Is Cardi B cancelled? Or does it fit her brand?

No one seems to have the answer.

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