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Stream Your Heart Out: “B-Sides”

by Miranda Smith

Credit to

By: Cody Simpson & The Tide

Genre: Pop

Tracks: “Pirates Dream,” “It’s Always You”

Bet you didn’t know Cody Simpson was still making music. He recently released an EP titled “B-Sides.” Let me be the first to say that it is quite fantastic.

You might be thinking about the old Cody Simpson when he was 14, singing about getting his heart broken by a girl. Hear me out, though. He’s grown up since then, and his music has too.

The EP features four songs which all have some sort of surfer/beach vibe. I definitely would listen to this at the beach next time I go. The first song, “Pirate’s Dream,” reminds me of the beach the most because you can actually hear the sound of waves in the background.

It is a simplistic style of music. He only uses vocals and guitar for all of the songs. It creates the effect of an intimate feel between the listener and the musician. He has a certain grit in his voice that is mesmerizing and draws you in to the words he’s singing.

Personally, my favorite song on the EP is “New Crowned King.” The chord progressions and lyrics are beautifully written together. You can hear the maturity and grittiness in his voice. It gives the song character that you can’t hear from anyone else.

The whole album is something that you can listen to on repeat and not get tired of.

Next time you’re looking for music to listen to while doing homework, check out Cody Simpson’s new stuff. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

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