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Fire and Smoke Rips Through Youngwood Hair Salon

by Dylan Shaler

Early morning on Oct. 4, firefighters hurried to the scene at Platinum Salon and Spa in Youngwood. When they arrived, there was heavy smoke coming out of all the doors and windows.

Youngwood Fire Chief, Lloyd Crago, was one of the first to arrive on the scene and found fire spilling out of the side door and the building full of black smoke. There was extensive damage to the basement and pasts of the 1st floor and attic.

Candy Valentino, owner of Platinum Salon and Spa, states that her biggest concern isn’t the building, but that her focus is on, “supporting my team and serving our clients.”

Platinum Salon and Spa was built from the ground up 19 years ago, when Valentino was only 19 years old. The salon offered a range of services like general salon services, spa treatments, wedding services, and on location services.

The salon is currently working on a temporary new building, right next door, to support their clients until their original building is renovated.

“Our building, and the entire contents of the building, is a complete loss,” Valentino said. “I just want to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude for all of your encouragement and support during this difficult time. It truly means so much to all of us.”

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