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Jeromy Yetter Returns as New Athletics Director

by Nicholas Morozowich

Jeromy Yetter is the new Director of Athletics and Recreation. Previously, he had served as the Head Basketball Coach and Assistant Director of Athletics at Pitt-Greensburg back in 2008 until 2010. His office is 6-9949 in 201-D Chambers Hall.

“It’s always been a goal of mine to get into the administrative side of college athletics,” Yetter said.

Yetter oversees all 12 athletic teams, including the cheer and dance teams. Specifically, he ensures quality of equipment, arrangements of facilities for the visiting teams, and oversees the budgets.

“I’ve had a great experience here at Pitt-Greensburg the first time around,” Yetter said when asked why he decided to return.

Yetter had a civilian employment with the U.S. Naval Academy. His position was Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, where he was responsible for things such as team budget, recruiting, and travel.

On a personal note, his favorite sport to coach and be involved in is basketball. “I’ve been a college basketball coach for the last fifteen years, and so we felt like it was a good opportunity and the right timing to come back into the administrative side of it,” Yetter said. “I’m more excited.”

When you see Jeremy Yetter at office 6-9949 in 201-D Chambers Hall, welcome him back to Pitt-Greensburg’s athletic program.

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