New Stories

“What I Thought Was True”

by Kaylee Stinebiser

“What I Thought Was True” is a well-crafted story about a young adult who decides that she’s going make her life be whatever she wants and spend it with whoever she wants, regardless of the path her parents have set for her.

The book, written by Huntley Fitzpatrick, follows Gwen Castle, a girl who has lived her whole life on Seashell Island, a fictional island located just off of the coast of Connecticut. She’s always wanted to move away from small-town life, and her sort-of breakup with Cassidy Somers has only strengthened her desire to leave.

Cass is wealthy and sought-after, and he’s a constant reminder to Gwen that her fate is continuing her family’s house-cleaning business, despite her own life ambitions. As new family secrets unfold and Cassidy reveals his true intentions and feelings for Gwen, the summer before her senior year leaves her confused and searching for reality.

Anyone who is a fan of Sarah Dessen’s novels will love this book, as well as everything else that Fitzpatrick has published. Fitzpatrick writes in a style similar to Dessen’s; her books each follow different characters, but they are all set in the same town. You don’t have to read them in a specific order, but once you’ve read two or three, you start to see the Easter eggs that Fitzpatrick hides in each novel; they all connect in a very impressive way.

“What I Thought Was True” is a great book to take on a beach vacation or a plane ride. It’s quick read with plenty of twists and conflicts before getting to a feel-good ending.

There’s a lot of romance in this book, but Fitzpatrick mixes in a variety of other situations and themes outside of Gwen’s relationship with Cass that it doesn’t get too cliche. The plot is well-balanced between Gwen’s inner struggle, her conflicts with her parents, and her confusion about what Cass really wants.

“What I Thought Was True” is a perfect book to add to your 2018 summer reading list.

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