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Locally Listed: Top 10 Weekend Vacation Spots

by Kaylee Stinebiser

The semester is almost over, but while we’re all frantically typing final papers and cramming PowerPoint slides into our brains for final exams, we seem to forget that summer is right around the corner. We’ve survived another academic year, and now we’re all in need of a summer vacation.

If you’re like most college students and you don’t really get a week’s worth of paid vacation days from work, don’t stress! Just take a series of smaller vacations instead. Here’s a list of the top ten best places to go on vacation that are within driving distance of Greensburg, perfect for a Friday-through-Sunday getaway!


  • Virginia Beach, Virginia


This beach is a seven-hour drive from Greensburg. It’s a great place to relax and get a nice tan. There are plenty of stores to visit and clubs to enjoy, plus the city provides free entertainment for the public to enjoy, such as magic shows, bands, and circus acts.


  • New York City, New York


NYC is about six hours away from Pitt-Greensburg’s campus, but it’s the perfect vacation spot for a group of people with different interests. There’s something for everyone in this city: shopping, museums, musicals and plays, sporting events, concerts, etc. You might even spot a famous person or two.


  • Hershey, Pennsylvania


A three-hour drive separates you from the home of Hershey Park, a place where candy,  roller coasters, and waterslides meet to create a fun vacation spot.


  • Wildwood, New Jersey


This beach is about six hours and fifteen minutes away, and if you’re looking for a big party scene, this is the spot for you. The beach isn’t always clean, but the nights are always full of parties and clubs.


  • Washington, DC


Our nation’s capital is four hours away by car. There’s always a lot of free entertainment available here, especially in museums and popular tourist sites.  


  • Ligonier, Pennsylvania


It only takes thirty minutes to drive here. There are plenty of locally owned shops and restaurants to visit. Plus, you can see a little piece of the country’s history at Fort Ligonier.


  • Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania


About an hour’s drive away, you can find a ton of adventures to go on here. If you’re the outdoorsy type, this is the place for you. You can go kayaking, hiking, biking, and camping.


  • Deep Creek, Maryland


You can drive here in a little under two hours. It’s an experience like visiting Erie, Pennsylvania, except it’s an hour closer: relax on a small beach, swim in the lake, and see the local tourist attractions and seafood restaurants.


  • Presque Isle State Park, Erie, PA


This park near Lake Erie is about a three-hour drive from Greensburg. It’s a great place to pass the days with a bike ride and a relaxing picnic in the park.


  • Seven Springs Resort, Champion, Pennsylvania


Seven Springs is forty-five minutes away. It has a swimming pool, fitness center, and golf course for those outdoorsy types, and high-class hotel rooms and entertainment centers for everyone else.

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