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Queer Eye

by Alexandra Seeberger

Queer Eye

Length: 8 episodes/45 Minutes

Netflix released a new show on Feb. 7 called “Queer Eye,” a reboot from Bravo’s show “Queen Eye for The Straight Guy” that ended just over a decade ago.

The new Fab Five take on areas around Atlanta and help (for the most part) single straight men turn their homes and themselves into datable material.

The cast is made up of five gay men who specialize in areas that the people they’re helping need improved.  Jonathan Van Ness, my personal favorite, is the grooming expert, Tan France is the fashion expert, Bobby Berk is the design expert, Karamo Brown is the culture expert, and Antoni Porowski is the food expert

Though the original show was a hit, some were skeptical in January when Netflix revealed that a reboot was coming, and many wondered how it would stack up with the revolutionary show.

It has received positive reviews across the board, and the new Fab Five is going to give the old cast run for their money.

The show is both entertaining and heartwarming. Seeing average individuals gain both confidence and personality throughout each episode is enough to make me cry. Each man who gets transformed is deserving in their own way as well. From a single comedian to a married fireman, it’s exciting to see the unhealthy fashion, design, and food habits kicked to the side.

The show is essentially helping reinvent people.

As a fan of makeover shows of all kinds, I can say this is a good one to watch on a lazy Sunday in.

I give this show 5 stars. The Fab Five bring an energetic and positive vibe to the dismal lives of these straight men.

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