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Blue Madonna – BØRNS

by Alexandra Seeberger

Genre: Alternative

Tracks: 12

BØRNS released his latest album “Blue Madonna” worldwide on Jan. 12.

Garrett Borns who performs under the stage name BØRNS is an American singer-songwriter from Michigan.

His androgynous outfits and high vocals often leave people questioning his gender, and at first listen it’s easy to see why some might confuse him with a girl.

His disregard for classic gender roles in fashion is admirable and unique.

Indie-Pop, Psychedelic Pop, Alternative Rock, Synth-Pop, and Electropop are all genres used to describe his music.

In July, BØRNS released a promotional video on his YouTube channel as well as the first single for the album, “Faded Heart,” which is an upbeat tune that anyone would like.

He then released a second promotional video in late September followed shortly by his second single “Sweet Dreams.”

On the new album, Lana Del Rey features on two of the tracks “God Save Our Young Blood,” and the title track “Blue Madonna.” Both songs have a slow and soft feel to them, very different from the mostly energetic vibes this album puts out.

This is only BØRNS’ second studio album, so despite being newer to the music industry, he has done incredibly well for himself.

After the release of “Blue Madonna” it charted 6 on Billboard Top Rock Albums, an impressive feat for someone relatively unknown.

He is steadily rising in popularity and I can only assume will be at the very top of the charts with his next album.

His sound is unique and for the most part very upbeat. I haven’t seen many artists like him yet and so I give this album 4 stars. If you are into alternative music you will surely want to give him a listen.

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