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Locally Listed: Top 10 Ice Cream Shops

by Kaylee Stinebiser

With only about a month left in the semester, everyone is looking forward to summer. Get ready to enjoy your favorite summertime treat by checking out this list of the best ice cream shops in the area!


  • Cold Stone Creamery–Greensburg


This is a year-round ice cream shop with a convenient location for a treat after grocery shopping or dessert after date night, and you can build your own dessert from the cup to the toppings. It’s like Subway, but for ice cream. Pitt-Plus discount available.


  • The Meadows–Greensburg


This shop is close to campus and serves delicious ice cream all year, but its specialty flavors are only available on select days, varying by calendar rotation. Pitt-Plus discount available.


  • Sweet Frog–Greensburg


This frozen yogurt shop is convenient for a pit-stop during a shopping trip, but its flavors can change day-to-day as well, so you never know what’s on the menu each day.  Pitt-Plus discount available.


  • Brusters–New Stanton


Brusters is a classic traditional but delicious ice cream place that is reliable with its flavor selection every day, plus a variety of add-ons and mix-ins for all of your favorites, but this store closes in the winter.


  • Fort Allen Frosty Shack–Greensburg


This is another traditional shop that is only open in the summer. It has a consistent choice of flavors with weekly and seasonal specials. It’s known for giving large portions for reasonable prices, but it’s cash-only.


  • Rita’s–Greensburg


The flavors of italian ice here are delicious, but it can be a little pricey for the portions that they give, and the shop is only open in the summer.


  • Peaches ‘n Cream–Greensburg


The flavor selection is always plentiful, but the location is at an awkward section of Route 30 and the store is cash-only. It does have a drive-through option, and everything is homemade.


  • Suzie’s Frozen Custard–Mount Pleasant


The store’s location is out of the way from campus and it can be pricey, but it offers a build-your-own sundae option and gives reasonable portions. It closes during the winter.


  • Ligonier Creamery–Ligonier


This shop has great flavors and reasonable prices, but it’s almost a road trip from campus and requires meter parking.


  • Dairy Queen–Greensburg, Latrobe, and Mount Pleasant


Dairy Queens are convenient and common, and most of them are open all year and have drive-throughs, but the ice cream isn’t always fresh.

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