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Breaking the Magician’s Code Review

by Kaylee Stinebiser

Breaking the Magician’s Code

Genre: Reality TV, Documentary

Seasons: 2

(18 Episodes, 45 minutes)

“Breaking the Magician’s Code” bridges the gap between magicians and their audiences, revealing the secrets behind a wide variety of magic tricks.

The Masked Magician, the professional magician who chose to expose magic’s secrets to the world while wearing a mask to hide his identity, shows the viewers everything from pulling a rabbit out of hat to sawing a woman in half or levitating her into the air. He demonstrates less common tricks as well, like how to survive a guillotine, how to pass through a solid brick wall, how to push a coin inside a can without popping the top, and how to make a lamborghini disappear.  

I was hooked on this show from the very first episode. It’s an awesome concept. Everyone loves a good magic show, and everyone wants to know how those tricks are performed because deep down we all know the things that magicians do are impossible.

“Breaking the Magician’s Code” is a great balance between mystery and revelation. The Masked Magician performs each trick for the viewer as he would for a real show, and then immediately afterwards shows the trick again, this time letting you see the action without the methods or cautions taken to keep the audience from seeing the science behind the trick’s deception.

I love magic shows, and watching “Breaking the Magician’s Code” gave me all the entertainment and amusement that I usually get from live performances, but at the same time I got all of my questions answered.

Seeing how magic works is fascinating. As the show progresses, the tricks become more complex and unique, and I had a lot of fun trying to guess what the magician’s explanation would be.

I highly recommend that anyone who loves magic watches this show, and people who love a good brain teaser would enjoy it, too.

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