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by Alexandra Seeberger

Pitt Greensburg’s switchboard is a line that students, staff, and other people can call.

A switchboard is a telecommunications system used to direct a caller to a specific number, like a traditional phone operator, except exclusively for our campus.

The switchboard is in the Pitt Greensburg Police Station, and is run by Julie Godzik.

Some have said during business hours the phone rings and rings instead of being sent to an automated message allowing the caller to know it is busy and to call back later.

Many people find automated voice navigation and messages helpful in the event a person isn’t available.

When asked about this, Godzik informed me that she was not aware of the problem.

“With regard to your inquiry about the switchboard, if callers are receiving a busy signal, that is reflective of call volume as there are a limited number of available lines to receive calls,” Godzik said via email regarding the continuous ringing that some have reported.

This would make sense, if the line is busy that it may just ring and ring, many large companies have the same thing occur when they are experiencing high call volume, so it isn’t uncommon.

With the multiple reports of this occurring, it doesn’t make sense why someone hasn’t brought it to the attention of staff sooner.

Godzik also had this to say, “The campus switchboard is set up that if, after four (4) rings, the call is not answered, an automated message answers, offering the caller many options to be connected to a variety of departments.  Having concern that it was not operating properly, we tested the switchboard several times after your inquiry, and each time the automated message picked up after the prescribed four (4) rings,” clearly this isn’t a consistent problem, but it is periodic.

This seems to be a simple computer error, and could have been figured out sooner had someone come forward.

While this doesn’t seem like a big issue nor is it the biggest issue our campus is facing currently, it is still newsworthy.

Little things like this can slip by unnoticed for a long time, it is important to always bring to the attention of staff a problem no matter how big or small the issue is, so they may go about fixing it as quickly as possible.

While this is only periodic and in no way a consistent problem, it

Hopefully soon the switchboard’s automated system will be remedied, and this will no longer be an issue.

The number for the Pitt-Greensburg Switchboard is (724) 837-7040.


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