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Hockey Team Midseason Report

by Connor Warwick

The Pitt-Greensburg hockey team has hit its midseason break. Although talented, the team has struggled so far due to its lack of depth.

Going into their break, the team is on a three-game losing streak and is 1-3 in the division. Junior forward, Ben Hartman said, “If we had more players it would be a different story. We have the talent, we all just get exhausted from playing so many minutes.”

Hartman elaborated on the lack of depth. “We started with 11 skaters, then two kids tore their MCL and one kid got a severe concussion. We’re hoping to maybe get two of them back by spring.”

When asked about having to play so many minutes, Hartman said, “We fight through it because we know the other person on the bench is just as tired as you are. You have to go out there until you physically can’t skate anymore.”

Despite the team not doing as well as they hoped, Hartman said, “Dante Youhan is our leading scorer right now. Also, Garret Woznichak has been a stud on defense for us. Sometimes he plays 50 minutes a game. Both of our goalies have been keeping us in a lot of games. They’re basically the backbone of the team.”

Woznichak is a great defenseman, but he’s also a great leader. “He is a very good leader by example. He makes things happen out there that I can’t even believe. He keeps us on track,” Hartman said.

Hartman made it clear that the team is looking for more players. “We have two more kids who might play next semester, but that’s it. If you want to join, come out and play. You’ll get plenty of playing time.”

The team will pick the season back up in early January against Pitt-D2. They will finish out the season with a couple of division games, a tournament, and the playoffs, it they make it.

Captain and defenseman, Garret Woznichak, said, “With so many guys going down to injury, we were forced to change our style of play. Having so few guys playing took its toll. We hope to come back with everyone healthy and make a solid run heading into the playoffs.”

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