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Fuller House Season 3: “Oh Mylanta”

by Shahum Ajmal

The first half of “Fuller House” is everything and more.

The first half of the season was released on Netflix on Sept. 22. Lucky for me, the 22 was a Friday, so I was able to binge watch in peace for three days.

Like me, you probably tried to click “watch next episode” after episode nine, only to realize that there is no next episode.

How rude.

Don’t worry though, the second half of season three is set to come out soon.

Before we get to the rest of the season, let’s talk about where the first half left us.

The first half of the season was everything I love about “Fuller House.” Corny jokes, singing, dancing, and life lessons. “Fuller House” is simply that feel good show everyone should watch. In midst of the hustle and bustle, I forget how little things can be so joyful.

Episode nine’s cliffhanger was truly wild.

We had the whole cast setting out to Japan for Steve and CJ’s wedding – courtesy of Gibbler Party Planning.

The flight was complicated, to say the least.

Max faked only having months to live so he could get promoted from coach to first class, leaving Fernando to sit in coach.

Jimmy ran on board trying to convince Stephanie that he is ready to have her baby, which she eventually agreed to before he had to get off board because he couldn’t afford a return ticket back from Japan.

Matt is planning on proposing to DJ in Japan.

Meanwhile, DJ wearing an eye mask and thinking she was talking to Kimmy spilled what really was in her heart.

She ended up telling Steve unknowingly how hard it is going to be to watch him marry another girl, and how she should’ve just told him at the reunion that he was her first pick for her boyfriend over Matt.

Oh Mylanta.

So, when will we be able to watch all of this craziness unfold?

Well, Netflix has not announced a specific date, but we are safe to hope for some time in December 2017 – perfect for some winter break binge watching.

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