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Haunts in the Greater Pittsburgh Area

by Courtney Gaffey

The Quaker Church, on Quaker Church Road in Perryopolis, Pa, dates back as far as the 1800s and is said to be haunted. Thomas White, Archivist and Curator of Special Collections at Duquesne University, wrote about the Quaker Church in his book, 'Witches of Pennsylvania: Occult History and Lure'.

It’s about that time of year again. Leaves are falling and that means that it’s time to start indulging in some fall festivities. What better way to celebrate the season of letting go than to visit some sites where it is said that those who inhabited them previously haven’t quite seen the beauty of letting go? Here are some real local haunts:

1. 1201 Bruce Hall, University of Pittsburgh: 3990 5th Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 – What is now a large reception hall in Shenley Quad once was a hotel. Legend has it that this room is frequented by the ghost of a woman named Harriet. The story goes that Harriet killed herself after finding out that her husband was having an affair. Noises, moving objects, and eerie footsteps are just a few of the unexplainable phenomenon that have occurred within the walls. Additionally, every Christmas, the office of Special Events hangs a stocking for Harriet in 1201.

2. Livermore: Livermore, Derry Township, PA 15717 – Residing somewhere between Blairsville and Saltsburg lies a once bustling town now overrun with water. Livermore was established in 1827 but later succumbed to massive floods which eventually left it hidden under water forever. The lore is that a witch once resided in the area, but was burned at the stake for her witchcraft. It is said that in her last breath the witch cursed the town, which is coincidental considering the massive flood damage that supposedly occurred on the anniversary of her death. Today there are claims of howling, dark images, red eyes, and ghostly apparitions. If you’re feeling ballsy, you can even take a hike up to the cemetery where more paranormal activities are said to occur – but be cautious, as the area is technically private property and trespassing is illegal.

3. Quaker Church: Providence Meeting House Cemetery, Quaker Church Rd, Perryopolis, PA 15473 – Another technically “off limits” haunt is located in Perryopolis. While the building may appear to hold some beautiful historic truths, Quaker Church is actually an old building surrounded by a cemetery which dates back to the 1700s. It was founded by the Quaker pioneers. This small building is said to have been used to practice black magic as well as a hanging area for supposed witches. Rumor has it that ghosts of the past still haunt the area, causing those who visit to feel paranoia and feelings of discontent. Hell Hounds are also said to chase visitors.

4. 13 Bends: Campbells Run Road Pittsburgh, PA 15238 – Campbells Run Road, better known as 13 Bends, is an unpaved, dead-end road located just outside of Pittsburgh. The road gets its name from the 13 bends that can be found driving on it. The old road can be dated back to approximately 1780. It is claimed that in the 1800s an orphanage existed in the woods near the now beaten road. The orphanage caught on fire, and many young children died. Claims of children screaming, splashing in the creek that runs alongside the road, and even bells ringing. Others say you must go down the road until you hit the first bridge. Then, put baby powder on your car prior to passing. Continue your travels but remember to check your baby powder, as it is said that small hand prints, those of the children, can be seen imprinted in the powder

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