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Results of Campus Student Government Election and Survey

by Amanda Bateman

election-clipart-ELECTION_DAY_HEADERThe results of the SGA election have been released to the public. Rob Pokora will be returning as SGA president, Sara McConnell was voted SGA Senate President and Kaitlyn Schmidt was voted SGA Speaker of the House of Representatives. All three candidates ran unopposed.

“I’m very excited to continue to help out campus and make life better for everyone,” said Sara McConnell about her future role on campus. “I hope to continue to work with the Chartwells staff to continue to improve the various food areas around campus.”

The other portion of the election was a survey about student services like Chartwells Dining Services, the library, and campus police. 65% of the survey participants were students who live on campus and the other 35% were commuters.

The quality of food at Wagner Dining Hall was rated to be between a 5 and a 6 out of 10 by a majority of survey participants. Subway was voted to be the favorite dining option on campus.

A majority of students who took the survey said that if facilities to use for studying like Cassell Hall and Millstein Library were open later, they would take advantage of the extra hours.

When asked how comfortable students felt about approaching campus police about issues on campus, 32% of survey participants gave a 5 out of 10 or lower.

One of the questions asked to rate which issues were most concerning on our campus: drugs/alcohol consumption, lack of communication between administration and students, and sexual assault/ harassment. Lack of communication between administration and students was voted the most concerning issue, followed by sexual assault/harassment and then by drugs/alcohol consumption.

When asked how safe they feel the Pitt-Greensburg campus is, 80% of students who participated in the survey rated Pitt-Greensburg a 7 out of 10 or higher.

These survey responses should hopefully help SGA in the upcoming semester identify future issues to bring up to administration.

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