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Editors’ Note

by The Insider Editorial Staff

Last issue, in the Safety and Security portion of The Insider, a forcible rape was reported, and an address was printed alongside the incident. We have received feedback concerning the victim’s privacy and the nature of the content within the Safety and Security Section.

For clarification, the Safety and Security section in our paper is information from campus police; it is a public-access record of all reported incidents on campus. The campus police department is required to keep a record of the previous seven years. Typically, one reporter is assigned to copy all information for each entry, and we run the most current incidents. The Insider does not add any additional information to these entries.

In regard to the printed address, to our knowledge, this was the location at which the alleged crime was reported. Whether this was the place where the event was reported – or the room number of the victim or the perpetrator – for the safety and privacy of those involved, we should not have published this information.

As a school paper, we strive to deliver information to the campus while protecting the privacy of victims. This incident is not taken lightly by all of us on staff. While we would never print information such as names and addresses in an article, we are working on forming a stance on the information printed in the Safety and Security section. Moving forward, information in the Safety and Security section will be reviewed with significantly more scrutiny.

We have provided information for anyone affected by sexual assault in the article “Sexual Assault Reported at Pitt-Greensburg,” on pages one and three of the News section of this issue.

We also need to correct a misprint in a byline in our last edition. The article “New Key Cards Open Doors for Residents” was written by Marie Miller. For this issue, she has written a piece about gender bias on campus, within the features section on page five. For the online edition, this byline has been fixed, and the address has been redacted.

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