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Westmoreland Hall Temporarily Evacuated

by Amanda Bateman


Photo posted by Westmoreland Hall’s Twitter, @WestMo_UPG

Residents were evacuated from Westmoreland Hall Sunday, Jan. 17 around 3 p.m. when a few of the building’s carbon monoxide readers sounded. A few local fire departments arrived on the scene, but no carbon monoxide was found in the building.

“Fire departments left the scene as one of our own maintenance workers and the gas company arrived on scene to double check the furnace in each apartment. No gas or carbon monoxide was discovered anywhere in the building,” said Brian Root, Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life. “Residents who vacated the building were encouraged to go inside the Lyceum or Chambers Hall in the meantime.”

When asked where her residents went while Westmoreland was closed, Community Assistant Noel Saraceno said, “Lots of them went to Chambers to watch the game.”

“Every precaution was taken to ensure the safety of Westmoreland Hall residents,” said Susan Isola, Director of Media Relations for Pitt-Greensburg. “At the conclusion of the inspections, everything was found to be in good working order, no leaks were found, and the building was released for occupancy.”

Residents were cleared to return to the building before 7 p.m.

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