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Musical Duo So Long Solo to Perform On Campus

by Hannah Zuch


The Indie-pop music duo So Long Solo, consisting of husband Mark Miller and wife Heather Miller, will perform on campus at the Coffeehouse on Thursday, January 28 at 9:30 p.m.

So Long Solo is partnered with the fair-trade tea company Adagio and will provide a free cup of tea to those that come to watch their performance. “What we started to do is have tea free for the students,” Mark Miller said. “It just helps create an environment and helps everyone be in the present with each other.”

Mark and Heather Miller started touring together six months after getting married. “On our honeymoon, Heather told me she would like to quit her job and join in making music with me,” he said. They have been making music together for five years now.

Currently, the two tour college campuses with their eighteen-month old son, Rockwell. “We love colleges,” said Miller. “It gives us the ability to be around people who are shaping their anthem.”

The Millers enjoy sharing their experiences on the road with each other and getting to spend a great deal of time as a family. “It’s just amazing to get to do life fully together,” Mark Miller said. “I feel like we’ve gotten 20 years of marriage crammed into 5.”

Even with a growing family, So Long Solo is still dedicated to creating and sharing their music. “One reason we even got into music to begin with–I think–is it shapes who we are and [it] has the ability to shape our philosophy,” Miller said.

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