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To V or Not to V?

by Jenna Aleski and Ali Dimof

Jenna Aleski and Ali Dimoff Argue About Loving Valentine’s Day

Jenna: “What’s Not to Love?”

valentinesThe day of the big “L” word is coming right around the corner, my friends. Yes, I mean Valentine’s Day. Throughout the United States and in other places around the world, Feb. 14 is known as the day of romance.

If you’re lucky enough to have a significant other, get in touch with your romantic side. Show them how much you care with a small gesture ,or go all out. Love is love, no matter how big or small. One flower to a dozen, it’s the thought that counts.

Romance, why should you care? Instead of rolling your eyes and pouting about not having a bae, go out and use the day to love and pamper yourself. Go buy those shoes, dye your hair fire-engine-red, eat those cookies, or go tie the knot with the $10 dinner box at Pizza Hut.

There is nothing wrong with being single this Valentine’s Day, and if that’s not enough just think of all the discounts on chocolate the following day.

Ali: Anti-V-Day Protocol

vday art.Valentine’s Day – the day of love – isn’t always so loved. If you fall on the dislike side, you can do so without coming off bitter.

Disliking aspects of Valentine’s Day – such as spending $1.99 on a card, $20 on a heart-shaped box of chocolates or bouquet of roses for her, and any knickknacks as a token of your love for him – is perfectly fine.

Why not show love through actions regularly instead? Daily reminders that you care – asking how their classes went, how their day is going, etc. – mean more than the things a monetary value can be placed on.

A day to display love is great. However, the idea gets lost due to standards a commercialized nation has forced on us.

Take a stand – create new traditions. Rather than spend money, spend time – time with as few distractions as possible with the one who matters.

Attention is the most valuable thing that can be given. Let’s stop buying into traditions that cheapen holidays.


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