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Don’t Slip Up: How to Stay Safe On Campus this Winter

by Stephanie Hutchinson

Weather Safety 2

Pitt-Greensburg student takes a tumble on the bridge

The winter weather in Greensburg has finally hit. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures have been affecting students on campus.

“We allocate our entire staff to deal with winter weather as it arrives,” said Joe Bleehash, Plant Maintenance Director.

The staff clears main walkways and also throws down anti-icing products, some of which are environmentally safe. There is even a crew prepared to come in on the weekends whenever winter weather hits, Bleehash said.

Pitt-Greensburg’s maintenance also has a twitter account, @UPG_ Facilities, where Bleehash will post weather updates for students.

Fortunately for Pitt-Greensburg students, the distance between buildings is not very far, so no one has to endure the weather for very long during their commute to classes and dorms. However, accidents can still occur.

Elsayed Abbass, a freshman cross-country runner, said, “While holding onto the railing, I slipped and busted my butt on the stairs by Powers Hall and had to tell maintenance to salt them.”

Pipes that circulate hot water heat the stairs between FOB and Cassell Hall, Bleehash said. A sensor in the stairs detects winter weather and turns the system on to prevent ice and snow from laying on them. The system can also be controlled and monitored online, he added.

Because a lot of Pitt-Greensburg students are commuters, they should take extra caution whenever travelling to campus.

“Slow down, allow extra travel time, and try to park in spaces that have already been cleared,” Bleehash said.

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