New Stories

Campus Close-Up: What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

by Jenna Aleski

4CF7D91B-BDED-486E-9675-518A6AFE93BA1A4EE930-7DD5-4407-8A92-B59A3795B210“Interview three famous people.”

~Matt McCune

Senior,  English Writing


96DCDE3B-4D31-4594-97BB-851AC05F1480A6B71411-236C-4133-881C-63AD5513E1A5“Stop eating after 10 p.m.”

~Will Rutledge

Senior, English Writing


0E31991B-4762-42DF-84CB-82A890C0E47A44B658D1-E270-4D30-9D55-F78A9FB18BA2“Have better study habits and not sleep as much.”

~Manshi Patel

Freshman, Biology




AB0D4989-A3BC-4548-A837-D9AFE8A3BFFBAA0DDC77-3AE0-41ED-87BB-9DD7B0CBCBB4Let things happen other than worry too much.

~Alexis Limuaco

Sophomore, Criminal Justice





1674D9C0-738B-4F0F-BA32-E2839A5178569F223F22-317F-4F2A-A83D-C21E677A8A1D“I want to make a YouTube video with 100,000 views.”
~Jonathan Guillen
Senior, English Writing

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