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Pitt Greensburg Basketball Teams Start Seasons with High Hopes

by Ali Dimoff

Pitt-Greensburg has big hopes for the hoops teams this season.

Erin Eaton, head coach for the women’s program, will be leading a very different looking team this season, losing five seniors who played the majority of minutes. They will be replaced by one senior, three juniors, and a sophomore.

Due to personnel changes, the playing style will also be different, and will feature two true post players.

“People would be surprised how entertaining the games are,” Eaton said. “We play a blue-colored gritty style and eliminate stereotypes that are too often associated with women’s basketball.”

Sean Strickland, head coach of the men’s program, says his team–including eight seniors–intends to win Bobcat Special Eventsa title and build off of last season, but ultimately compete for a conference championship this year. Last season, the Men’s team was ranked in the top 20 teams in the nation for three-point shots and points overall. They hope to crack the top 10 in scoring in the nation this year.

Like Eaton, he also believed his team will provide entertainment for fans.

“We play a fun style of basketball. We put the ball in the basket. It’s called basketball, people want to see that,” Strickland said.

Both programs not only look to replicate last season’s success, they intent to improve upon it and would appreciate campus support in doing so.

“It gives you something to do in the dead of winter,” Eaton said. “Grab a group of friends and come support students representing the university in athletics and other activities.”

The Men’s Basketball team  finished fourth overall In the 2014-15 season, with a 13-5 conference record. The women’s team finished 12-6 in its conference and ended the season in third place.

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