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Dysfunction at Its Best: Love The Coopers Movie Review

by Liz Laughlin

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“Love the Coopers,” was the first good movie I’ve seen in awhile. Set at Christmas time, filmed in Pittsburgh, and narrated by the dog, Rags, this story represents the peaks and valleys of modern families. All four generations of the Coopers will have you laughing.

The goal of the group is universal: Get your life together by Christmas. Yet all the family members seem to struggle with this concept and hijinx ensue, like faking a relationship, dealing with divorce, and the most extreme–getting arrested for shoplifting.

Sam Cooper, played by John Goodman, and his wife of 40 years, Charlotte Cooper, played by Diane Keaton, try earnestly to keep the once-happy family together. Even they falter, though, once Sam suggests separation. Despite the struggles, the children–Eleanor, played by Olivia Wilde, and Hank, played by Ed Helms–try desperately to please their parents.

Meanwhile, Charlotte’s sister Emma, played by Marisa Tomei attempts to steal jewelry for Charlotte and soon finds herself in the back of a police car.

This movie also features Amanda Seyfried, who plays Ruby, a waitress that soon befriends the grandfather, Bucky, played by Alan Arkin. Their friendship hits a rough patch once Ruby reveals that she is moving cross-country.

My favorite actress and character throughout the film was June Squibb, who plays Aunt Fishy. Aunt Fishy, although delusional, chooses her moments of fame. She has the audience laughing when she and her great-granddaughter, played by Blake Baumgartner, proudly eat the grocery store’s gingerbread house.

Despite my approval, this movie received overwhelmingly negative reviews. According to Rotten Tomatoes, this movie received a 3.7/10, while Metacritic gave a rating of 29 out of 100. I could see why some wouldn’t find this funny. Sporadic, my family relates to the Coopers, making this more amusing.

The warm feelings associated with family and romance kept me interested. If you enjoy comedy and slightly-cheesy romance, this movie is the one for you.

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