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CollegiateLink Program Comes to Pitt-Greensburg

by Julia Mantsch

The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg has acquired a new online and mobile program that will allow students greater access to information from campus clubs and organizations.

CollegiateLink, which will be fully available this spring, though it is available for exploration now,  is a system designed to let students, faculty, and staff stay connected and get information about clubs and organizations.

CollegiateLink“It’s a great way to help student organizations and groups to let the public community know about events and programs open to them. This new system also hosts the curricular transcripts and tracking of the Greensburg Experience More (GEM) program,” said Al Thiel, Director of Student Activities

This new system is replacing the old, outdated organization software that was called “Community,” and later “Simplicity.”

“That system had more than a few issues and bugs and CollegiateLink is much more stream-lined and much better for the average user” said Thiel.

In addition to the convenient medium of information, CollegiateLink also has a mobile application called Corq, and a text messaging correspondent for easy communication between groups.  

“Corq allows individuals to see and RSVP to the events that are happening on campus, as well as see if there is Village Credit or GEM credit available at these events, as well as if there will be free food or others items there,” Thiel said. “Students can also search groups by type and interests to see what fits their schedule best and what commitment an organization may ask of its member.”

This new and improved system is a great resource that the campus community can be sure to expect great things from and improve campus organization and planning.  

The system can be accessed through your personal Pitt account under “Life on Campus” or at

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