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You’ve Got [Pitt] Mail

by Julia Mantsch

email spotlight
Attention graduating seniors: according to the University of Pittsburgh’s computing services and systems development website, students now have unlimited access to their My Pitt Email mailboxes after graduation using

Graduates can continue to send and receive email messages at their addresses, and they will also be able to send and receive email messages using any email aliases created while attending the University.

“Keeping my email after graduation will not only help me keep in touch with those I am close with academically, but it will be convenient for financial reasons as well,” said Tara Grimm, a senior Biology major. “I was always worried about paying back my loans through some other process that I would have to start over and learn completely, but now I am relieved I will no longer have to do that.”

The alumni technology program, which began with graduates of the Spring 2015 class, also includes services such as spam and virus filtering, wireless PittNet (while on campus), eduroam  (wireless access using your Pitt account from participating institutions around the world), the ability to view your grades online, the ability to order transcripts and enrollment verifications online, account management tools, (including the ability to update your name and photo), change your University password, or reset your password if you forget it, access to the Technology Help Desk via live online chat, phone, or email, and access to PittPAY, which will be available at a later date.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.07.05 AM

Chelsea Schick on her graduation day. Photo courtesy of Chelsea Schick.

Unfortunately, many Pitt alumni will miss out on this exciting and helpful new addition to the Pitt system.,

Chelsea Schick, a 2014 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, explained that missing the cut for the alumni technology program has been difficult.

“I graduated in August 2014 from Pitt, and they closed my account even after I requested an extension before I even got my diploma,” Schick said.  “My e-mail address was on my resume that I had been using for countless employers, and they were unable to contact me because the email account had been terminated.”   

Although this service is highly convenient and beneficial for students, faculty and staff members will not receive an Alumni account when they leave the University.

If you are a graduating student and you have been a faculty or staff member at the University within 120 days of your student account’s termination, then you will not automatically receive an Alumni account. However, you can still request one by contacting the Technology Help Desk at 412-624-HELP.

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