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Safety First

by Thalia Speksnijder

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.36.14 PMIn the wake of the Oregon shooting, security on college campuses becomes a hot topic of discussion.

So, how are we safe?

“Officers on campus are well trained and prepared, including in active shooter” said Daniel P. Lynch, Pitt-Greensburg’s Chief of Police. “Officers have all graduated from the police academy and are Act 120 certified.”

In addition, officers are trained and certified every year in CPR and first aid. Chief Lynch also said that officers do drills over the summer in various scenarios. He, as the instructor, makes sure they are qualified and prepared for any conditions including night and day. After every scenario Chief Lynch and the other officers discuss what they could have done better as well as the methods they used that were successful.

“More cameras have been placed around campus and video has increased,” said Todd McCollum, Security Officer for Seton Hill University.  Similar to Pitt-Greensburg, officers at Seton Hill are well trained in numerous scenarios and experienced.

Aside from security, students can follow simple steps to be prepared and keep themselves safe. First, Chief Lynch encourages students to remain alert and to inform security of any issues. He also recommends students go onto Pitt-Greensburg’s website where, under Police and Safety, students can view a video: “Run. Hide. Fight.” This details key steps people can take in an active shooter scenario.

“I want to give students the confidence they deserve,” said Chief Lynch. “And, for them to know we are legitimately concerned. We will use all possible resources to keep everyone safe and to investigate all concerns to the best of our ability.”

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