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The Great Debate: Apple vs. Pumpkin

by Amanda Bateman and Christy Walters

Amanda Says: “Pumpkin is BAE.”

Pumpkin is the god of fall foods. To whoever says apple is better: an apple is what poisoned Snow White. And what took Cinderella to the ball? A pumpkin. Here are some pumpkin spiced foods and drinks that can spice up your life.

Pumpkin - Amanda

Even Dairy Queen is jumping on the Pumpkin Train. Christy Walters | The Insider

1.) Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is the glue that holds Thanksgiving together. When we think about pumpkin spice, this classic dish often gets forgotten. Arguably, pie is the pumpkin dish that started it all.

2.) Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Basics unite! Pumpkin spice lattes are back. They aren’t limited to just Starbucks anymore. Most places that sell coffee these days have a pumpkin drink on the menu. Even McDonalds offers a pumpkin spice latte. At Starbucks, you can order pumpkin spice lattes hot, iced, or as a Frappuccino. If you’re not a fan of coffee but still want a fall flavored drink, try ordering a vanilla bean Frappuccino with a pump or two of pumpkin.  

3.) Pumpkin Spice Oreos

This is probably the most out-there pumpkin spice option on this list. Even Oreos are hopping on this trend, using the golden oreo cookies with an orange pumpkin spice middle. They’re nothing short of heavenly.

4.) Pumpkin Donuts from Dunkin

Dunkin Donuts is offering plenty of pumpkin varieties this fall. This includes their pumpkin donut, pumpkin cheesecake square donut, and the pumpkin crumb cake donut. Good news: Dunkin sells pumpkin spice lattes too.

5.) Pumpkin beer

If you’re 21 and older and your thirst for pumpkin has still not been quenched, here are some pumpkin beer suggestions. Locally, the Boulevard has a great fall drink menu. They offer pumpkin beer served in a glass with with a cinnamon sugar rim, and pumpkin cocktails too. Woodchuck Pumpkin Reserve is a great cider option and Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale is worth trying too.


Christy Says: “Apple smashes pumpkin every time.”

When did pumpkin everything become so important to our basic white-girl lifestyles?

Maybe a pumpkin took Cinderella to the ball, but without the poison apple, Snow White wouldn’t have had a reason to get true love’s kiss and live happily ever after. And that pumpkin carriage turned into a goopy mess on the way home from the ball anyway.

Here are a few treats that will show you why the underrated apple smashes the pumpkin every fall.


1.) Apple Pie

Maybe one of the biggest debates of all time: Apple vs. Pumpkin Pie. Wouldn’t you rather be eating real fruit instead of some questionably colored gelatinous substance? Your pie shouldn’t start out as soup and then turn into Jell-O. It’s unnatural.

Apple - Christy2.) Apple Cider

Who doesn’t love warm apple cider? That crisp taste with a little bit of spice flavor will warm you up from the inside out for much less than 300 calories and $3.75. You can get apple cider at pretty much any grocery store, or you can support your local farms and get it fresh; Schramm’s farm is only 20 minutes from campus!

3.) Caramel Apple Oreos

Doesn’t this already sound amazing? Two golden Oreos with a half brown caramel, half green apple center sandwiched in between. Talk about yum. They’re pretty much like eating a real caramel apple without all of the mess. They’re only sold at Target, so when you go in to get just one thing, and inevitably come out with twelve, you can get these Oreos as well.

4.) Apple Donuts

You still can’t beat the apple spice and apple crumb topped fall donut flavors at Dunkin’. They have one for every palate: The apple spice is a flavored cake donut, the apple crumb topped is for those who just want a hint of the fall flavor; there is even one with an apple-pie-like filling and frosting on top. How could something with so many varieties be wrong?

5.) Apple Ales

For those 21-and-over, there are also the apple and pumpkin ale options. Redd’s Apple, Johnny Appleseed and Angry Orchard are the three most common hard ciders, though Bud Lite just introduced a limited-edition Apple-Rita to their series as well. A quick fall drink recipe? Put a shot of Fireball in a glass of Angry Orchard. It tastes like apple pie. But don’t do any of this drinking or experimenting on campus. “The Insider” is not responsible for your alcohol violations, although we will probably report them in the police blotter.

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