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Painless Grubbing

by Jonathan Guillen


Curry comes in multiple flavors and intensities. Jonathan Guillen | The Insider

Cooking takes time and money: two things that I ran out of the second the semester started. I barely have enough time to do all my readings, show up to class, get through work, and then check in with my friends once a week so that they don’t think I’m dead.

Sometimes, I just want a hot meal that doesn’t involve hitting a drive-through or asking for a water so I can still tip. For those chilly autumn days when you need something easy, fast, and cheap to lift your spirits, I’ve found just the cure: curry.

Hot, zesty, and comforting, curry is the solution to a miserable day. There’s nothing like a spoonful of this tangy dish after a long day of ice-cold drizzle and sloshing through mud. My family back home would crank out stews as soon as the hoodies came out and for good reason. For every chill that cut you to your bone, there was a spoonful of comfort waiting at the dinner table.

Now that I live alone, the only thing I have to look forward to is swearing as much as I want while shivering under multiple blankets.

The poor man’s dish of Asia, it can be prepared as anything from a soup to a casserole to even bread. Like wing-sauce, curry seasoning comes in a scale of intensities. You’ll always get the aroma of more spices than you can count, but you can adjust the heat to suit your tolerance.


Any kind of vegetables can be thrown into a curry dish. Jonathan Guillen | The Insider

Everyone can enjoy the dish, from those with sensitive stomachs to those with cast-iron constitutions. Best of all, you can make it with any combination of vegetables and protein imaginable.

Curry cubes can be found at any supermarket in its international section for low prices. More importantly, they’re easy to use. Cook your ingredients in a pan or pot, add water, mix in the desired amount of curry, let simmer, and enjoy.

Have some cheap steak and leftover chicken? Toss it in. Vegetarian but want something with a kick? Go with bell peppers and extra firm tofu. Ultra-budget mode? Throw a cube of curry mix into your cup of ramen noodles and pretend you ordered take-out. No one ever said you had to break the bank to eat well.

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