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Fashion Forward

by Amanda Bateman and Jonathan Guillen

Fall fashion can be tricky. One day it’s warm, the next days it’s cool, and styles are always changing. Have no fear; our two fashion moguls have tips to keep you looking fall fresh this season while, most importantly, staying within your budget.



Excited for fall fashion but buying on a budget? Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to transition your summer wardrobe into a fall-friendly one.


Amanda modeling a fall wardrobe: Dark lipstick and scarves. Christy Walters | The Insider

1.) Scarves

Scarves are a great way to change your summer clothing into fall wear. A scarf can easily turn the plainest of tops into a put-together outfit. Scarves are usually inexpensive
and great for girls who are a little more low-maintenance. Scarves give the appearance that you tried, even if you just rolled out of bed.

2.) Tights

Another way to transition your summer wardrobe into fall is by adding tights under your summer dresses. Patterned tights have made a big appearance on the runway recently. Tey make just as big of a statement as jewelry and easily spruce up a plain dress. They’re a great way to stay warm too as fall turns to winter.

3.) Dark Lipstick

Fall is a great time to experiment with darker lip colors. No matter what outfit you’re wearing, adding lipstick will make you look more put together. Revlon’s Black Cherry and Rimmel by Kate Moss No. 60 are some great and affordable drugstore lipsticks that are perfect for the fall.

4.) Fall Nail Polish

Although everyone loves neon nail polish in the summer, there are lots of great fall colors to look forward to. For me, a good majority of my nail polish collection is made up of fall colors. Some of my favorites include Revlon’s French Roast, Sally Hansen’s Ever Green, and NYC’s Manhattan. These colors immediately make me think of falling leaves and pumpkin patches.


The leaves are dropping and your sleeves should be too, boys! Fall’s arrival means that you need to switch your game-plan if you want to stay the best dressed man in the room. Looking good without breaking the bank or being late to class is easier said than done, but here are some easy tips that’ll have you breaking necks the whole way through November.


Courtesy of

1.) Collarless shirts

Button-downs are always safe, but consider losing the collar if you want to open eyes. Collar-less shirts give the sophistication of an oxford shirt while separating you from the herd. Pair these with fitted slacks and you’ll nail business casual with edge to spare. In a few months, invisible collars are going to BE the new herd.

2.) Cardigans

Hold your scoffs until I finish explaining. Mistaken for what separates men who can change their car’s oil from those who can’t, the cardigan’s bad reputation is unwarranted. It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it. When worn loose with a pair of jeans, they give a conscious, relaxed look. When fitted and buttoned up, they will give you the respect of your superiors while earning the ire of your colleagues. A hoodie is the default for windy days, but if you want to impress, then consider turning it up a notch.


Courtesy of

3.) Sports coats/Blazers

Ironically, dressing-up can be the classiest way to dress-down. Every man needs a well-fitting piece.  Accentuated shoulders give authority and the appearance of taking charge of any situation. Combined with your favorite graphic-T and jeans, you say to the world: “I call the shots, AND I can take them.” As a bonus, the long sleeves and pockets give you the utility of a hoodie while keeping it fresh.

4.) Grays and Greens

The grapevine tells us to expect a lot of gray and earthy greens in fall’s clothing lineup. Even if grey describes the worst thing about Pennsylvania winters, your best bet is to embrace the change. Muted colors give a calm and collected impression. Go for the green military jacket or charcoal cardigan instead of blues or reds. Clown-core is not the way to go.

Bonus Tip: Make sure you’re comfortable with your wardrobe picks this fall. There’s nothing more obvious than someone trying too hard to look good.  No one’s going to give you dirty looks for going with what works best for you. Just remember: if it doesn’t feel right, don’t wear it.

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