New Stories

New Academic Options

by Ned Lewis

Have you declared your major yet? Are you thinking about getting a certificate, along with your degree, to make yourself stand out from the crowd after graduation? Maybe you’ve just decided that you’d like to take your studies in another direction. Whatever your situation, you should be aware that you now have a few more options here on the Pitt-Greensburg campus.

Last fall, a new Public Policy major became available. The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg’s official website states that “Public policy is an inherently interdisciplinary major drawing on philosophy and political science in dealing with value conflicts, econometrics for assessing risks, costs and benefits, research methods and statistics for evaluating programs, and communication for understanding public relations and advocacy.”

This degree is broad in its areas of study, so those that graduate with this degree can pursue many different types of jobs. Possible areas of employment include marketing, financial planning, becoming an executive assistant, and entering management, among others.

Keep in mind though, continuing your education with a masters degree later on will allow you to be eligible for the highest paying careers in these fields.    


A distribution of credits sheet for the new Information Technology major.

The newest major to be offered on our campus is Information Technology. Until now, this was a major only available at the Pitt-Oakland campus. Students who opt for this major will focus on programing, networking, managing databases, and working with information systems.

To receive a degree in this area, students may either participate in an internship or complete an independent project of their own design. Students interested in computers and technology should put this degree high on their list of possibilities.

Maybe you’ve already chosen a major, but you may want to add a little something extra to your transcripts. A certificate program might be the right choice for you.

The newest addition to the certificate programs at Pitt-Greensburg is the Digital Studies certificate. The course work for this certificate can be combined with your major at no additional cost, and some of the classes can also be used to fulfill general education requirements.

“We hope this certificate will draw students who can learn things here that they can’t find elsewhere,” Elisa Beshero-Bondar, Associate Professor of English and member of the University of Pittsburgh’s Digital Humanities Research Group, said.

“Our certificate is not really like anything else offered in the Pitt system, “Beshero-Bondar said. “It is not only a ‘digital media’ or ‘digital humanities’ program in making web art of blogging; it’s about creative production and about applied research, both.”

Two core classes are required to fulfill the certificate, and then students can choose four additional courses from a requirements list. Some of the choices include: Magazine 1, Digital and Professional Communication, History of the English Language, and Coding and Digital Archives, among others.

This eighteen-credit certificate is recommended for those studying visual and performing arts, English literature, communications, creative and professional writing, history, information technology, or for anyone with an interest in digital studies.

Documentation of your certificate and computer skills will be printed on your diploma at the time of graduation.

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