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Dan Lynch Named New Chief of Police

by Amanda Bateman

UPG Police Car

Pitt-Greensburg Police Presence on Campus. Photo courtesy of James Duff (niteowl7710) on Flicker.

Recently, Pitt-Greensburg staff announced that the former Sergeant of Police, Daniel P. Lynch, was appointed the new Chief of Police. Chief Kevin Gillilan left the university for personal reasons after serving the campus for one semester.

Dan has worked at Pitt-Greensburg for the last year. The university is thrilled to have a Chief of Police who is already familiar with the campus atmosphere and climate. “It shows career progression,” said Carl Rossman, Vice President of Academic Affairs. “Dan is already familiar with the administrative processes and procedures. He also already knows the officers on campus and what their work ethic is like.”

Before working at Pitt-Greensburg, Chief Lynch worked as a Pennsylvania State Trooper for 23 years. He was also an adjunct instructor of Criminal Justice at the Community College of Allegheny County and the University of Phoenix. Chief Lynch served for five years in the Army and the Army National Guard and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts, Science and Letters from the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a Masters in Public Management from the University of Pittsburgh.

The Chief of Police position comes with many different duties. The Chief schedules shifts for the other officers, performs administrative duties, makes sure students are aware of policies and procedures, makes sure the officers on campus receive the proper training, and coordinates with other Pitt campuses. The Chief also helps create the “For Safety’s Sake” brochure, which is mandated by the Clery Act. Carl Rossman said Dan is very familiar with the Clery Act and Title IX rules and requirements from his previous experience at Pitt-Greensburg.

At the time of publication, a new Sergeant of Police at Pitt-Greensburg has not yet been hired.

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