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A Little Italy in Greensburg

by Julia Mantsch

If you’re looking for a local restaurant with delicious Italian cuisine, a romantic or family-oriented atmosphere, and an endless wine list, then Vallozzi’s in Greensburg is for you. But it’s going to cost you.

My boyfriend, Ray, and I wanted something a little fancier than Buffalo Wild Wings or Applebee’s, so we decided to dress up and try out this talked-about local restaurant. It was easy to find, since it sits directly across the main entrance of the Westmoreland Mall, on the opposite side of route 30.vollazzis inside

When we arrived, we were greeted by a mandatory valet company—two younger guys in baggie hoodies and beanies. Although their gesture was convenient with the chilled temperatures that night, their image misled us a bit since their stained jeans and ripped gloves clashed with restaurant’s image.


Once we entered the restaurant, we were very pleased. Italian art and sculptures guarded the entryway and covered the walls. Hunger filled us as we walked and smelled wafts of Italian yumminess trailing through the room. The temperature was cozy, and the seating was close together. Ray and I sat in our plush leather seats and were shown the special drinks. I had the “Valentine Martini.”Vodka, juices, lime, and a pink sugar-coated rim made the drink Instagram worthy while I took my first sip.

The menu was large in both size and options. From uncommon appetizers like sausage-stuffed Cubanelle peppers to gourmet pasta dishes, pizza, and filet mignon, Vallozzi’s menu has plenty to offer for the undecided pallet.

The prices are steep, though, there’s no doubt about that.

My filet with crab, a 10-ounce filet with a smaller amount of crab meat on top and three sticks of asparagus, was $45. Though my meal was exquisite, they did not offer any side options such as a complimentary house salad or bowl of soup, only two slices of bread with a soft slab of butter to share.

filet with crab

Overall, Vallozzi’s was a nice experience for a change in dinner options, which made it a great date. Although expensive, the great service, food, and atmosphere make

Vallozzi’s worth going to again.

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