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Recently, one of our professors was the victim of stalking and burglary, both of which are invasive crimes. It’s important to remember this, because when news like this breaks out, it can be easy to invade someone’s life.

These incidents happened to a real person. This person has to live with what happened and does not want to be bothered with questions and speculations. While being invasive and asking questions is part of our job at “The Insider,” it is also not something we pride ourselves in doing when business is put aside and we are in our own private lives.

Rumors get around, and it’s important to remember that these rumors can make their way not only to the victim, but also to the victim’s colleagues.

There is a difference between being close with your professors and being involved in their lives Even when professors are close with us, it is still a professional environment. The person in question does not need to be re-victimized by a continual invasion of personal privacy. We ask that you do not treat this as an elephant in the room, but rather a showing of respect to someone who has been a part of this community for years.

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