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Pitt-Greensburg Welcomes New Police Chief

by Amanda Bateman

The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg has officially welcomed Kevin Gillilan as its new Chief of Police. Gillilan, 40, is originally from Gadsden, Alabama. Gillilan has come to us from Moody, Alabama, where he was most recently Chief of Police at Talladega College. He has also served as a police sergeant and investigator with the City of Moody Police Department, as well as two other municipalities.

New Police Chief Kevin Gillilan

New Police Chief Kevin Gillilan

The Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Carl Rossman, stated that 30-40 others applied for the position. Since hiring Chief Blasko four years ago, the hiring process has become more sophisticated. “What set Chief Gillilan apart was his diversity of police jobs, level of education, and experience in different levels of police work. He was also cool and composed during his interview,” said Rossman. Gillilan’s first visit to the campus was in early December, and he was offered the position before Christmas.

The chief-of-police position holds many different duties that include scheduling shifts for the other officers, administrative duties, making sure students are aware of policies and procedures, and making sure the officers here receive the proper training.

Chief Gillilan’s police career started, in 1995, after attending the Northeast Alabama Police Academy at Jacksonville State University. He was inspired to become a police officer from watching his father-in-law become a police chief.

Chief Gillilan has worked in a wide variety of supervisory roles in his career. Prior duties in other positions for him have consisted of patrol supervision; conducting criminal and internal investigations, and providing related testimony; managing evidence and lost property; and overseeing departmental inventory and maintenance. In the past, he served on the Emergency-Response team, the Identity-Theft Task Force, and the Security-Operations Team in Alabama.

Gillilan has a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science, in Criminal Justice, from Faulkner University. He is working on his doctorate, in Criminal Justice Administration. He is currently in the dissertation stage, which is focused on law enforcement on college campuses.

When asked how Talladega College compares to Pitt-Greensburg, Gillian said that they are both very similar in size. “Talladega College is a historically black college,” said Chief Gillilan. “I like to work in diverse environments and to have the ability to learn about different cultures.”

Gillilan had the opportunity to be a criminal-justice instructor at Talladega College, which was a part of the job that he enjoyed. He liked being able to interact with the students at that level and hopes opportunities like that will present themselves at Pitt-Greensburg.

When he’s not on the job, Gillilan likes to paint portraits and landscapes. He is married and has four daughters, between the ages of 7 and 19. His oldest daughter is a junior in college.

Chief Gillilan says that he loves Pitt-Greensburg already. For the moment, he is staying in College Hall, until he finds permanent housing. He says the faculty, staff, and students have been very welcoming, and he thinks the campus is beautiful. He is impressed with the officers here and is excited to work with them.

Gillilan hopes to bring experience and education to Pitt-Greensburg. He said that college students are maturing as adults and will make mistakes, so he wants to guide them to the right path. He also hopes to bring a polite and fair-minded approach in his work, along with some Southern charm.

He would like the students of Pitt-Greensburg to know that he is approachable, has an open door for matters police or not, and is excited to meet everyone.

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