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“Je Suis Charlie!”

The recent terrorist attacks in French satire newspaper Charlie Hebdo have resonated with publications, writers, and artists around the world as a representation of both the cultural value and inherent power of press. Every editorial decision has consequence.

“I think of journalists as being the auditors of our society. They are the people we depend on to let us know when there has been a breakdown in the systems that protect [us],” said Frank LoMonte, Executive Director of the Student Press Law Center. “That is a lot of freedom and a lot of responsibility, but an independent press really can’t function any other way.”

While the first amendment protects the rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, we are reminded by recent events that reportage and commentary of a social or political nature is serious business. No freedom is absolute.

As a student-run publication, we take seriously out responsibility to report the issues relevant to the community and institution we represent, while recognizing that our editorial decision s are impactful.

We may not agree with all the content published by Charlie Hebdo, but we support the courage of the staff to represent a cultural atmosphere without apology, in an effort to make their truths accessible.

So, we say, “Je sis Charlie!”

– The Insider

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