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Bobcats Push for the Playoffs

Pictured: Matt Darby (Picture taken from

by William Rutledge

Pictured: Matt Darby (Picture taken from

Pictured: Matt Darby (Picture taken from

The Pitt-Greensburg men’s basketball season is now in full swing. Come out and support your Bobcats as they fight for a return to the playoffs and beyond.  The team is currently holding an 8-8 record while occupying first place in the Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference (AMCC). The Bobcats are heating up at the right time and are led by Mr. Sean Strickland, in his fifth year as the coach here at Pitt-Greensburg.

The Bobcats faced adversity early in the year with a tough non-conference schedule, which yielded them no wins. The team fought back and went 8-1 so far in the conference, propelling them to the top. The players have shown a lot of resiliency like coming back from 11 down against La Roche with only 4:32 remaining. They scored the last 13 points including a game winner with only seconds remaining.  Then, only days later against Hilbert College , the never say die Bobcats were down by 18 with just over 10:00 remaining, they rallied to force overtime where they hit another game winning shot just before the buzzer.

When asked about his team’s resilient attitude, Coach Strickland stated, “What’s really impressed me the most is how they have gotten to this point. We had a very tough non-conference schedule and didn’t win a game. That alone would shake the psyche of most teams. But this team really trusts each other and has great faith in each other. That faith and trust has helped form a confidence in each other that has led to some amazing wins.”

“Hopefully as the season continues we not only meet our playoff goal, but some of the other larger goals we have as a team like winning a conference championship and being the first men’s basketball team at Pitt-Greensburg to ever qualify for the NCAA Tournament” said Strickland when asked his opinion on the team’s playoff hopes.

The bar has never been higher for the team and they are doing a good job of living up to it. They average 21.3 assists per game and 91.2 points per game, which are both top in the conference.

Coach Strickland went on to say, “The way we play and share the ball, we will never have 1 guy score 20+ points a game. But because we average a conference leading 91.2 points per game, we will get our share of points every game.”

When Freshman guard Matt Darby (#20) was asked what he thought of this season so far, he said, “In my opinion, the season is going really well. I’m only a freshman so I’ve learned a lot this season so far from the older guys on the team but right now it feels good to be first in the conference and I’m looking forward to contributing to the team for the rest of the year.”

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