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Ask A – Already Committed

Dear A,

I’m in a relationship and imagine a future with my partner. I want to find out if they feel the same way. How? Help!

Dear Already Committed,

Typically, if they do feel the same way, it will be mentioned in casual conversation. They will tend to ask questions about your future plans and will want to be involved in those plans.

Drop subtle comments. It’s easy to ask about future events like holidays, birthdays, or summer plans. It’s a good sign if your partner expresses your involvement in simple future events. If they “don’t know,” what they’re doing, don’t stress. You know your partner, maybe they don’t like to plan for things.

Depending on how long you have been together, I would suggest talking to your partner formally. I would only suggest a formal conversation if you’ve been exclusive for over a year. Relationships are all about timing. Don’t ruin a good thing because of poor timing.

If you feel ready to have the conversation, be honest and express your exact feelings. Hopefully, your partner expresses similar feelings. If they avoid the topic, I might reconsider the imagined future you have with them.

Overall, trust your own instinct.

Good luck,


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