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Wagner Dining Hall to Undergo Renovations Over Winter Break

By Barb Stern

Pitt-Greensburg students will return to campus in January to an improved Wagner Dining Hall, said Chartwells Dining Services Executive Director Richard McMahon.

The goal of the renovation is to create a more open floor plan at Wagner by making the following renovations.

  • Relocate Soup and Salad Bar to a central location to relieve congestion in these areas.
  • Place breakfast bar in central location

The Coffee house at Village Hall also will undergo some renovations, said  McMahon.   These renovations also are based on an open floor plan. “There will be new refrigerators, so we can store things at Village Hall,” said McMahon. “We will not have to transport everything from Chambers Hall to Village Hall. We can deliver supplies directly to Village  Hall.”

The Coffeehouse also will feature a new expresso machine.

Students can use their meal plans or cash equivalency at the Coffeehouse. It will be open seven nights a week until midnight.

“It’s a unique thing to have on a small campus,” said McMahon. “It’s primarily student-run.”

The ideas for these renovations stemmed from a roundtable held two years ago, during which Chartwell associates met with Pitt faculty, students and staff.

The renovations will take place during the winter break and will be completed by the time students return in January.

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