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Pitt-Greensburg’s Cheer Team Wins First in Division

by Alissa Brown

Photo Courtesy of Pitt-Greensburg Cheer Team

In the first weekend of April, Pitt-Greensburg’s Cheer team won big at Lake Erie, placing first in their division. 

Scoring an 83 out of 100, with zero deductions, the Pitt-Greensburg cheer team took home first in the collegiate co-ed game day division at Champion Cheer Central, or CCC, in Lake Erie, Pa. 

“Out of all the years that I’ve coached there, these girls really pushed through the ups and downs.” says Coach Darrian Leighty.

The team does not usually compete, and had less than a month to prepare for the competition. Even the day prior to the competition, changes to the routine were being made and details were being perfected.

“They pushed through it, they brought it, and they competed. And they did awesome,” Leighty says

Gia Mastermonico, Maura May, and Giana Williams are the captains and co-captains of the team and, according to their coach, led the team to a victory that would not have been possible without them. 

“They really took charge and stepped up their game to be there and keep the team together. If it weren’t for those three, there wouldn’t be a team.” says Leighty.

To join Pitt-Greensburg’s Cheer team, you can email Darrian Leighty at or team captain Gia Mastermonico You can also find the team on instagram @upgcheer.

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