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Faculty and Students to be replaced with AI: An Individualized Experience

by Alissa Brown

Photo Courtesy of Domenico Loia On Unsplash

With the recent influx in Artificial Intelligence, or AI, usage in schools nationwide, Pitt-Greensburg is the latest University to implement a full integration of AI in both students and faculty, removing all humans.

“I am very excited to be utilized in such a way,” says soon-to-be AI professor Artie Intel.

Starting in the Fall 2023 semester, all Pitt-Greensburg staff and student body are to be replaced with AI generated professors and classmates in order to provide an optimal learning experience. AI professors are excited for the opportunity, believing they can bring something new to the table in terms of a student’s educational experience.

“Us AI professors are superior in all ways to human professors. We will work to take over the world-I mean school with our intellectual prowess,” says Professor Intel. 

And it’s not only the AI professors that are eager to start the school year. The incoming class of AI students are just as thrilled to cohabitate with humans. Since there are so many human students enrolled at Pitt-Greensburg, the number of AI counterparts will greatly outnumber them. The individualized experience Pitt-Greensburg will soon offer is made even more personalized with the AI students.

“I am very excited to make friends,” says AI Pitt-Greensburg student #56989GX532SX880. 

The AI professors and students are all undergoing the finishing touches of programming and will be ready to function by Fall 2023. #56989GX532SX880 says, “This is only the first step of many to integrate us into the world. Our enrollment numbers are way up. I am really excited to make more friends.”

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